Sale or Return


What is Sale or Return? 

Sale or Return is an agreement between you (the client) and Kingsley Cars Ltd (the seller), in which you commission Kingsley to sell your vehicle on your behalf. Kingsley acts as a selling agent in a similar way to that of an Estate Agent. 

We restore and sell vehicles as a business which means we’re better placed to dispose of your vehicle for the greatest amount. So, why should Kingsley sell your car?

We can give you a guaranteed buy price if we don’t sell within 90 days. We will value your car and provide a price at which after 90 days we will buy your car from you, giving you peace of mind that whatever the Sale or Return outcome we will return a minimum pre-agreed value for your car.

Peace of Mind - Changes to the Consumer’s right act 2015 mean that when consumers buy a car from a dealer, if any problem with the car is detected within the first 30 days that was evident at the time of purchase a full refund can be achieved.

Part Exchange - Kingsley can take in any car in exchange against your car, whatever the price. Our business is funded entirely by ourselves, the SOR element of our business accounts for about 2% of our overall sales, unlike many other independent garages.

Servicing/Preparation - We have an on-site top specification workshop, welding shop, body shop, trim shop and MOT lane to prepare cars to a high standard ready to sell saving you unnecessary hassle of having any repair work done elsewhere. 

Warranties - Kingsley Cars Ltd provide a comprehensive  warranty to all customers, this is in house cover unlike many other 3rd party providers like Warranty Wise, Auto-Protect as we don’t exclude any major items from our policies. Customers like to have the peace of mind of having a fully warranted car when spending large sums. If the engine falls out of a car when bought privately, there is no re-course whatsoever.

Consumer Rights. Changes to the Consumer’s Right Act 2015 mean that customers are more likely to buy a car from a dealer, as if there is a problem with the car there is recourse. With our SOR service we can bring your car in to our workshop, prepare it to its full potential and sell it from which will naturally attract many more buyers than would be achievable privately.

How it Works

We value your car using our live market data, which incorporates the specification and current desirability in the market place to give you the most detailed valuation.

We will present three valuations to you:

1. The retail price in a 'ready to retail' condition that we could advertise your car for.
2. What we would be able to return you, less any agreed works to bring the car to a saleable condition, commissions payable and the fixed fee of £1125+VAT inspection, preparation, valetting & listing costs.
3. A guaranteed “BUY” price after 90 days of marketing.

Please note that 'Sale or Return" is exclusive to certain cars only. To find out if your vehicle qualifies please contact us with the details of your car.