High Efficiency Fuel Injection Conversion

High Efficiency Fuel Injection Conversion We now offer our High Efficiency (HE) fuel injection system for the standard Range Rover 3.9i & 4.2i Engines.

This HE system will produce more power and will return up to 21MPG! - Drive in and Drive out the same day!

We start by checking the condition of your engine throughly, Kingsley technicians modify the internals of the plenum chamber and fit unequal length carbon fibre trumpets to give the same induction length for each cylinder, they then fit a thermal gasket between the top of the engine and the bottom of the plenum chamber.  The combination of the thermal gasket and the carbon trumpets keeps the air in the induction cooler - increasing efficacy.

We then fit the specially desisigned cam, eight of the latest generation of Bosch fuel injectors (flow matched) which we have to import from the States, check and clean the OE mass air flow meter and reprogramme the Lucas 14CUX fuel injection system with a custom map to reduce fueling to suit these changes which has been programmed on a rolling road on a similar engine with all of the exact same set up. 

High Efficiency Fuel Injection Conversion The differences these changes make are dramatic, not only is the performance increased (your car may have 'lost' up to 60bhp in the past 25 years), to between 215bhp and 230bhp (depending upon the displacement  of the engine) but the torque is also increased which really aids cross country progress yet the car will return up to 21mpg which is a impressive increase over standard.

Call for more details of how we can trasform the efficiency of your fuel injected Range Rover Classic or Discovery V8i.