V8 Engine Rebuilds, Gearbox Rebuilds & Upgrades

V8 Engine Rebuilds, Gearbox Rebuilds & UpgradesKingsley have a proud tradition of building quick ‘point to point’ Range Rover Classics, achieved with a combination of our high torque engines with modern fueling combined with controlled vehicle handling (Kingsley Fast Road Suspension), sharp steering (Kingsley Fast Ratio Steering) and fade free brakes (Kingsley Uprated Brakes).


Standard Rebuilt Engines - 3.5, 3.9 and 4.2 litre from £3795+VAT 

These are built in-house to our exacting standards by our Land Rover Technicians Paul & Ashley and are high quality replacement rebuilds which have been proven to be reliable.  The 3.9 and the 4.2 are top hat lined as standard, which removes the possibility of the steel liner from moving aiding reliability.

3.5  Litre - £3745.00+VAT (£4495 inc VAT) 
3.9i Litre - £4162.50+VAT (£4995 inc VAT)
4.2i Litre - £4162.50+VAT (£4995 inc VAT)

High Torque/High Efficiency Engines - 4.5, 4.8 and 5.0 litre from £9700+VAT

These simply beautiful engines are built to our specification by our engineering partner and then we modify the internals of the plenum chamber, fit the latest generation of fuel injectors, replace the standard mass air flow meter and upgrade the 14CUX fuel injection system to suit these changes. 

The differences these changes make are startling, not only is the performance increased, to between 260bhp and 290bhp (depending upon the displacement) but the torque is increased massively up to 300 ft lb which really aids cross country progress and yet the car will return up to 25mpg which is a impressive increase over standard.

Cylinder blocks and short engines produced are very carefully prepared. All units, as a minimum, have all these operations completed before the build is finished :

All engines are supplied with new cam and lifters. Cam choice obviously depends on the planned use of the engine, the valves sizes, and the level of gas-flow work in the cylinder head ports.

All cylinder heads are thoroughly cleaned, and the oil and water passages carefully checked. The faces are machined (skimmed) if necessary and the eight combustion chambers in a pair of heads are measured, modified, and balanced to be sure they have the same volume to give equal compression ratio across the engine. For your engine we will make a 9.35:1 CR. New valve seats are fitted where necessary and all seats cut to the same height, and blended into the combustion chamber surface shape. In your engine we will be fitting the larger valves and ‘unleaded/ethanol’ valves seats as used in the SD1 Rover and later Range Rovers, using 40 mm inlet valves and 34 mm exhaust valves.

The internal passages of the inlet manifold will be smoothed where necessary to improve gas-flow, and the junction with the cylinder heads will be matched and the gasket prepared to avoid disturbing the air flow.

We can also supply, rebuilding and re-timing an electronic distributor, as used on late Range Rover and Discovery Series 1 (mid 1990s). We fit alternative springs and grind the bob-weights to produce the optimum ignition curve for the engine


GM LS3 Engine – 6.2 litre with GM 6 Speed Automatic from £28500+VAT

Our GM LS3 driveline conversion is not just an ‘engine swap’ but a fully re-engineered conversion.  We start with a GM LS3 which out of the ‘crate’ produces 430bhp and an insane 430 ft lb of torques.  The torque would literally break most driveline components, which necessitates upgrading the front and rear differentials, prop shafts, UJ’s, half shafts, hub assemblies and the transfer box is built with strengthened internals (which has a custom adapter made to mate it to the GM 6 speed automatic gearbox).

As well as the driveline changes the chassis has to be modified to accept the custom made engine and gearbox mounts, the sump of the LS3 has to be modified to clear the front axle, the central chassis crossmember has to be replaced with a custom version, the radiator is custom made as is the mounting of the GM air conditioning compressor and custom manifolds and exhaust system – this is a conversion which is best undertaken with the body off the vehicle and so is better suited as an element of a body restoration.

Gearboxes, Transfer Boxes and Viscous Couplings

LT95/LT85 Manual Gearbox Rebuilds

LT95 4 speed manual was fitted in all Range Rovers up until 1984MY as well as 101 forward controls, 109 V8 Land Rovers and on 1984 90’s and 110’s where it was superseded by the LT85 (which is 5 speed).  We supply and supply and fit quality rebuilt exchange units – please call for details and prices.

GM4HP22 & GM4HP24 Automatic Gearbox Rebuilds

These gearboxes are fitted into Range Rover Classic and Range Rover P38 – we normally have fully rebuilt, (including the torque convertor), in stock for exchange – please call for details and prices.

Borg Warner Transfer Box Rebuilds

We are able to supply fully rebuilt Borg Warner transfer boxes and have stock of the totally unavailable internal viscous couplings - please call for details and prices.