Restoration Levels

Turn-Key RUST FREE, "Everyday" Range Rover Classics 4 Doors from £79,000. 

Turn Key RUST FREE, "Everyday" Range Rover Classics 2 Doors from £89,500.

Kingsley Cars always have a small selection of Range Rover Classics which are either ready for restoration or which we are speculatively restoring. 

Our 'everyday' restorations are cars that have had all of the corrosion cut out and have been properly repaired and protected so they can be used as an everyday car.

We always follow the same process, first the car goes to Paul or Marcin, our senior technicians to have every single operation and item checked - from the compression of the motor to the operation of the heated seats, he then road tests for 25 miles and makes his report before handing the paperwork and the car to Guy or Pat's teams who fully steam clean the underneath of the car with a chassis steam cleaning system prior to dismantling.

The restoration team headed by Buzz, remove the outer alloy panels (front and rear wings including liners, decker panel, bonnet, grill, bumpers, lights and lower rear tailgate) in order to gain access to the inner steel shell.  We are now able to properly evaluate the level of corrosion, (please see Range Rover Corrosion for more detailed information) and to work out the works required.

Whilst the structure of the car is being fully restored and welded by Stevie and Lee J (who also TIG repair major damage or corrosion in the previously removed outer alloy panels and doors prior to paint), Bob and his team remove all of the paint off the panels before removing any dents or dings in each panel and TIG welding any smaller areas where the alloy has corroded.  

All of the panels are painted off the car inside and out in order to ensure a consistent paint finish over the whole area without 'dry patches' or overspray.  We also paint the A, B & C posts of the bodyshell as well as the rear wheel arches, the front slam panel, the visible areas of the inner wings and the inside edges of the doors.

Whilst the panels are being prepared we assess the mechanical condition of the car by change all of the oils and sending them away to an oil analysis laboratory who understand wear rate by these results giving us the information to make any repairs.

Once the car is in tip-top mechanical condition, we coat the vulnerable areas of inner steel shell with hot Dinitrol anti-corrosion treatment, thoroughly Dinitrol inject all cavities before refitting the panels using self amalgamating rubber and fibre washers between the steel shell and the alloy panels which stops the effects of electrolysis. 

The headlights are generally replaced, the other lights cleaned and polished and new decals are applied. The car is then road tested for around 250 miles before being cleaned and detailed ready for collection by the new owner.  

Everyday restorations come with a 6 mth parts and labour RTB warranty which can be extended (ask for full written details).

Turn-Key RUST FREE "Kingsley" Nut & Bolt Restorations from £118,000.

Externally, there is very little which differeciates a Everyday and a Concourse restoration but the differences are huge.  With a concourse restoration the car is better than new with literally every single nut and bolt having been removed, cleaned or replaced.