The Reborn Range Rover Classic

Kingsley KC Series — Range Rover Classic 2 Door which has been re-engineered’ by Kingsley for the Purist.

The KC series is the first in Kingsley’s Re-engineered range. It is an authentic and original restoration of an early Range Rover with the exception that it has been future-proofed’ against corrosion.

KC Series Range Rovers have had all of the corrosion cut out and have been properly repaired with custom panels which have been seamlessly butt welded’ into place and then protected in exactly the same way as a modern car so they could be used as elegant everyday transport. 

When we build the car it remains an authentic unmodified essentially a new reborn’ Range Rover!

If you choose to make changes from the original specification then only your imagination is the limit and the car moves to our RestoMod (restored/​modified) program.

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Body & Chassis

Our restorations are essentially new rengineered cars built by our trained technicians. We dismantle the Range Rover to the bodyshell, cut out any corrosion, fabricate new repair sections in the correct gauge of steel which is seamlessly butt welded into place and remove every imperfection by preparing it totally by hand.

We prepare the chassis and the axles by initially media blasting, finishing in Dinitrol or epoxy mastic paint before all of the brand new powertrain, braking and suspension/​steering parts to the rolling chassis — every single item is either refurbished or replaced. Once complete we then refit the bodyshell and start to build up the car using perfectly straightened body panels, perfectly straight rust free doors, and a new wiring loom before the car is trimmed to your specification and then it is road tested for a minimum of 500 miles.


At Kingsley, we pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our paint finish.

Each car has all of its previous paint removed back to bare metal, the panels are then sent to the fabrication shop for any imperfections to be removed prior to the six-week process which delivers unrivaled paint finish. 

All of the panels are painted off the car inside and out in order to ensure a consistent paint finish over the whole area without dry patches’ or overspray. The high impact areas of the panels and the whole of the underside of the bodyshell is coated in 3M rubberised anti-chip protection prior to paint for additional protection, the whole of the bodyshell is painted inside and out.

Running Gear

Our master technicians take the chassis components and rebuild by hand to the original standard or higher. All bushes, bearings, and driveline (inc. brakes, differentials and axles, swivels, prop shafts inc universal joints) components are refurbished or replaced.

The engine and gearbox are dismantled then each component individually aqua blasted, machined then carefully and comprehensively rebuilt. The under-bonnet ancillaries (inc. carburetters, alternator, starter motor, distributor, etc.) are either brand new or fully refurbished.

All fixings are high-quality stainless steel or original equipment equivalent and are torqued to the correct settings.


We have two standard interiors and an optional interior from which you can choose — Suffix A Kit Kat” interior or the replacement 8 Pleat’ interior and then optionally the Herringbone” nylon seats. Your KC Series car will also have:

1. New upper and lower door cards
2. New rear 34 door cards
3. Headliners in fiberglass with either 1 or 2 courtesy lights covered in PVC or Nylon
4. Palomino Seat base cover moldings
5. Palomino A-Post kick panels
6. Palomino C-Post covers
7. Retrimmed cubby boxes
8. Carpet set in Palomino
9. Tool Curtain (Black)
10. Spare Wheel Cover (Black)
11. Optional leather-covered steering wheel 

KC Series Re-engineered Range Rover Classic for Sale and Sold

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