Kingsley KR Series Range Rover Classic Restomod

Kingsley KR Series — The Re-Engineered Range Rover Classic

The Range Rover Classic for Today

The Kingsley KR Series — Range Rover Classic 2 Door which has been Re-engineered’ and enhanced for everyday use.

The KR Series is the second in Kingsley’s Reborn range. It has been re-engineered from a rust-free shell from the ground up to ensure all the upgrades work together to provide classic style with modern-day creature comforts and driving dynamics. 

In addition to being a fully restored vehicle, KR Series are reinterpreted into surprisingly capable, quick, economical and comfortable classics. The Telegraph called it the Ultimate Classic Rangie”. 

The Kingsley KR program offers a surfeit of options and upgrades to the engine, suspension, and brakes which can be enhanced a wide range of cosmetic and interior options to make your vehicle truly unique and more usable — our aim is for it to be the most used vehicle in your stable.

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Body & Chassis

Our restorations are essentially fully reborn cars built by our trained technicians. We dismantle your Range Rover Classic to the bodyshell, cut out any corrosion, fabricate new repair sections in the correct gauge of steel which is seamlessly butt welded into place and remove every imperfection by preparing it totally by hand.

We prepare the chassis and the axles in the same way before all of the brand new drive, braking, motive and suspension parts are fitted to the rolling chassis — every single item is either refurbished or replaced. Once complete we then refit the bodyshell and start to build up the car using perfectly straightened body panels, perfectly straight rust free doors, a heated windscreen and a refurbished wiring loom before the car is trimmed to the clients’ specification and then road tested for a minimum of 500 miles.


At Kingsley, we pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our paint finish. 

Each car has all of its previous paint removed back to bare metal, the panels are then sent to the fabrication shop for any imperfections to be removed prior to the six-week process which delivers unrivalled paint finish. 

All of the panels are painted off the car inside and out in order to ensure a consistent paint finish over the whole area without​‘dry patches’ or overspray. The high impact areas of the panels and the whole of the underside of the bodyshell is coated in 3M rubberised anti-chip protection prior to paint for additional protection, the whole of the bodyshell is painted inside and out.

Uprated Fuel Injected Engines

Kingsley offers three different versions of KR series, the base which is 240bhp, the 310bhp High Torque version, and the 430bhp GM Chevrolet LS version. 

The 310bhp High Torque version is built from a Rover block with a special crank and our high-efficiency fuel injection system to provide substantially more power and torques whilst delivering massively improved fuel economy. This can be delivered via a 4 speed strengthened and uprated automatic gearbox or a 5 speed manual

The 430bhp General Motors Chevrolet version is supplied as a brand new unit which is mated to a 6 speed electronically automatic gearbox. 


Kingsley uprated suspension is fitted to KR Series cars to our Fast Road specification which includes custom-built high-performance dampers.

Shock absorbers developed in conjunction with a leading manufacturer, combined with our bespoke springs and uprated front and rear anti-roll bars have a genuinely transformative effect on the Range Rover Classic’s road manners while still providing a supple ride.

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KR Series cars are fitted with uprated brake discs and pads which can be further upgraded to Kingsley Big Brake kit which consists of six-pot billet front calipers with four-pot rear calipers. 

The braking kit is unique in that it fits behind all 16 inch Range Rover Classic and Defender wheels to maintain an original appearance and offers incredible braking performance.

Leather Interiors & Sound Deadening

KR Range Rovers can be specified with beautifully trimmed Nappa leather interiors with various trim detail inc. double stitch quilted or Bentley Brooklands style, in Alcantara or even tartans. We provide custom wood veneering in various burr or gunstock finishes as well as high-quality carpeting, trimming of other interior pieces of trim.

We fully soundproof the whole of the internal cabin including the internals of the doors of every KR Series car which helps to deaden a considerable amount of road noise. We reduce noise further with the addition of Kingsley custom front door seals. 

KR Series - The Re-engineered Range Rover Classic for Sale and Sold

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