Restorers of Range Rover Classics

All of us at Kingsley share this common love for Range Rovers and Land Rovers having grown up with them around us. We have been restoring reborn Range Rovers for more than 20 years to clients locally, nationally and internationally with clients throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, UAE, North and South America.

We are 22 specialists working from a dedicated Range Rover and Land Rover workshop with 7 ramps, a welding/​fabrication shop, paint/​bodyshop, large parts dept and trim shop on the A40 Eynsham, in-between Oxford and Witney in Oxfordshire.

RRC Restoration

We offer a full spectrum of services for your Range Rover Classic from servicing and engine tuning right through to bespoke KR RestoMod’ and or KC Reborn’ original restorations

We offer the ability to do as much or as little restoration works as you want but the majority of our restorations have the body fully removed from the chassis once the body-shell structure has been welded and is structurally sound.

RRC Upgrades

With the resurgence of interest in Range Rover Classics leading to the subsequent increase in value has led to most restored RRC’s being enjoyed primarily on road. With this in mind, we have developed and refined a number of upgrade options including:

  • Fast Road Suspension Systems
  • High-Efficiency Fuel Injection
  • 6 Pot / 4 Pot Fast Road Braking System
  • Leather/​Palamino/​Herringbone Nylon Interiors
  • Tubeless 7J Rostyle Wheels 
  • Stainless Steel Manifold & Exhaust System 

RRC Sales

Range Rover Classics are wonderful, practical vehicles that are generally very reliable if cared for, the challenge, however, is hidden corrosion which can be difficult to detect and horrifically expensive to repair.

All of the restored cars we offer for sale are rust free, other sales cars were purchased because of the minimal corrosion they have, their rarity or the significance of the vehicle.

RRC Parts

We supply and fit both custom and genuine replacement parts for classic Range Rovers inc:

  • Reconditioned Carburettors
  • Remanufactured Boge Hydromat Self Leveling Units
  • Remanufactured Seat ECU’s
  • Remanufactured 2 Door Front and Rear Outer Wings
  • Remanufactured 2 Door Front and Rear Inner Wings
  • Remanufactured 2 Door Verticle Grill
  • Remanufactured Interior Wood
  • Lots of remanufactured smaller restoration parts 

In The Press

The Land Rover Classic programme has brought an old model back to its former glory, but it’s not the only way to get your classic Range Rover kicks


Your tweeds are tailored, your gun stock is bespoke – so why settle for anything less from your Range Rover? Kingsley Cars – built for beauty, engineered to last.

The Countryside Experience

It is indeed a very, very impressive build, and the finish, is nothing short of faultless. It really is like a brand-new Classic. As you would expect, it drives beautifully. Tight, responsive, and thanks to the engine and suspension it goes like nothing short of an Overfinch.

Land Rover Monthly

The beauty of this RestoMod” is that it still has modern features like air conditioning, electric heated seats and a USB port for your iPhone. We drive a lot of rare and exotic cars here at GQ, but we’ve never encountered such a positive reaction from the public.

GQ Magazine

A quick drive in a finished machine reminded me of the joys of the Mk1 Range Rover: fantastic driving position and visibility; a magnificent roar from the V8; old-fashioned, simple controls; and a great feeling of being in a piece of British motoring history. The fact that is corners and stops infinitely better than my old Mk1 is a bonus.

The Field

They’ve taken the best bits of a great car, and given them a subtle, knowledgeable twist to make it go as well as it looks.

Land Rover Monthly
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