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Kingsley Defenders


We are delighted to formally offer our upgrades and modifications for the Defender — Kingsley re-engineers V8 Defenders, developed to provide Range Rover sophistication and levels of comfort.

Traditionally, we have built Defenders for existing clients and overseas sales partners but given our success from clients’ feedback, we have decided to offer them generally. We have a fully developed range of products works for Defender including:

  • V8 Conversions (fuel injected and carburetor versions) in 3.5, 3.9, 4.2, 4.6, and 5.0 versions
  • Automatic Gearbox conversions
  • Defender V8 Wiring conversions to run Puma dashboards
  • LHD to RHD to LHD conversions
  • Heavy Duty Drivelines with uprated differentials 
  • Kingsley 6 Pot & 4 Pot Brakes (which fit under 16″ wheels)
  • Kingsley Suspension systems
  • Interiors fully retrimmed in Nappa leather
  • Panoramic Roof Conversions
  • Cabriolet Conversions with custom mohair tilts 
  • Audio Solutions
  • Sound Deadening
  • Tubeless 8J Rostyle, 8J Wolf & 8J Series style wheels
  • Kingsley ST Reduced Diameter Steering Wheels
  • Defender Restoration and Specialist Paintwork including colour changes
  • Air Conditioning Conversions
  • Defender Accident Repairs /​Defender Bodyshop
  • Defender Half Chassis Repairs and Full Replacement Chassis 
  • Dinatrol Underbody Protection 
  • Defender Overlander and Camper Conversions

Please scroll down to see more detail on our Defender services.


V8 Engine Conversions

Kingsley totally re-engineers the original Rover V8 engine to add reliability and efficiency whilst increasing performance.

We offer Kingsley re-engineered engines in two variants, 4.6 litres and 5 litres with fuelling via either a modified, more efficient version of Lucas 14CUX fuel injection or via twin SU carburetors.

Kingsley re-engineered engines are guaranteed for 5 years, with unlimited mileage when serviced by Kingsley annually or every 6000 miles (whichever is sooner). Engines that have not been serviced by Kingsley carry a 12 month or 6,000-mile warranty (whichever is sooner).

Automatic Gearbox Conversions

We install ZF 4HP22 or electronically ZF 4HP24 automatic gearboxes mated to your Puma TDCi, TD5 or V8 engine — all fitted in either NAS Style factory centre consoles or custom centre consoles — please call to discuss your requirements.

Running Gear

Transform the ride quality and driveability of your Land Rover Defender with Kingsley Defender running gear upgrades.

Upgraded Suspension Package

Kingsley has developed, in conjunction with a leading shock absorber manufacturer, custom-built high-performance dampers to suit the Defender and to compliment our own custom springs, which lower the car by 1.5″ and include uprated anti-roll bars in various thicknesses to suit your application and requirement.

Heavy Duty Driveline and Uprated Differentials

Our 24 Spline HD shafts are made from 4340’ alloy steel. We have also made some design improvements to remove the stress concentration which typically causes failure at the diff end, this allows the shaft to flex along its length absorbing much of the shock loads.

TrueTrac Limited Slip Differential

  • Fully automatic — needs no driver input
  • Totally transparent on the road, i.e, no unwanted adverse effects
  • Only comes into play when one wheel loses traction, i.e, a difference in wheel speed
  • Enhances the traction control as it multiplies the bias load created by the braking effect of the traction control
  • Only available with 24 spline driveshafts
Browse Running Gear Parts and Upgrades in Our Store

Defender Big Brake Kit

Kingsley Big Brake conversion removes the challenge of trying to stop a breathed upon or quicker Defender.

The kit consists of a massive pair of 6 pot front calipers with new larger brake rotors and a pair of 2 pot calipers with drilled discs, an uprated master cylinder, slave cylinder, and depending upon your model year a different shuttle valve, T pieces, reducers for the rear lines and four flexible hoses.

The calipers are made from solid billet which is then powder-coated in black and uniquely engineered to fit behind all Defender wheels including the Rostyle wheel.

They provide the ultimate fast road​driving stopping’ dependability.

Defender Wheel Upgrades

Tubeless 8J Wide Rostyle and 8J Wide Wolf Wheels

Kingsley Tubeless 8J Wheels are constructed from a new tubeless 8J wheel band and can be made as either a Rostyle, Wolf or Land Rover Series style.

All are made to order so can be finished in the colour of your choice.

Body & Chassis

Defender Restoration, Accident Repairs & Specialist Paintwork including colour changes

Kingsley has a fully approved Novol paint shop and body repair shop. We follow a 15 stage tried and tested protocol for long term results.

Defender Body Shell Restoration

  • Media blast body
  • Spray temporary anti-corrosion protection of bodyshell once blasted
  • Repair the bodyshell by welding in new Kingsley shell sections
  • Spray anticorrosive protection of the car body after finishing body repairs
  • Seam Seal and Future Roof bodyshell before painting in your desired colour

Defender Body Panel Restoration

  • Remove all of the paint inside and outside from the external body panels
  • Tig weld repairs to outer body panels 
  • Panel beat outer body panels straight
  • Spray fill the outer body panels 
  • Final panel contouring 
  • Insulation of polyester fillers
  • Surface preparation for final paint colour coat
  • Application of final paint colour coat 
  • Application of clear coat lacquer
  • Trizact flatting and machine polish
  • Optional ceramic coating

Defender Half Chassis Repairs and Full Replacement Chassis

We undertake Defender and Discovery replacement half’ chassis from £2,950+VAT and also replace chassis with new galvanized chassis on Defenders from £7,500+VAT fitted.

Dinatrol Underbody Protection

Rust is Kingsley’s nemesis so when I met a chap called Ian of Rustbusters, I knew that I had found a kindred spirit. Ian is obsessed with the prevention and cure of rust and I knew that Kingsley should follow his well-proven system and purchase all of our rust-proofing products from Rustbusters. See our rustproofing process page here.


Defender Trimming

Kingsley retrims Defenders to a different standard with literally every surface covered in high-quality Nappa leather.

Defender Panoramic Roof

Transform your interior space with this stunning double-glazed panoramic roof for Defender. We can install one in a 90 or two in a 110 — supply only or installed at Kingsley.

Overland / Camper Conversions

Defender Overlander and Camper Conversion

Commission Kingsley build you your ultimate overlander.

Defender Soft Top Conversions

We can build you the soft top Defender of your dreams!

We can build with whatever style of Canvass or Mohair tilt you would like, with side windows, or without, with side roll-ups, with custom side fixing in any style — you dream it we can make it!

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