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Range Rover Audio System Upgrades

High-quality Range Rover Classic Audio Installations.

We are well versed in building high-quality audio installations based around Alpine and Blaupunkt head units.

We mate these high-quality head units to JL Audio component speakers and Class D amplification, professional soundproofing for the best possible sound. In addition we are also able to integrate the Apple iPad mini into classic Range Rovers as well. 

We offer 70’s and 90’s style head units but with all of the modern features like Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming, DAB and Apple Car Play with navigation.

Come and have a look, and listen to our demonstrators to see and hear the quality.

Range Rover Classic Single Din Head Units

Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB — A legend returns! 

The return of the Blaupunkt Bremen offers a great combination of retro looks with the latest technology including Bluetooth and DAB. Link to Blaupunkt website, Link to Blaupunkt video.


Range Rover Classic Double Din Head Units

Following much development work, we are pleased to be able to offer this Alpine double din head unit solution for your classic Range Rover. 

The Alpine head unit is NOT a standard unit but has been custom made in order to relocate the brain’ to allow installation in a Range Rover Classic.

This bespoke iLX-702D brings the up to the minute media compatibility, online navigation potential and Alpine’s audiophile sound quality to your classic Range Rover. It is fully compatible with the latest smartphones such as the iPhone and the Galaxy ranges and lets you use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on its 7‑inch high-resolution touch screen.

Unfortunately, due to the custom work required this is a specialist installation from our Oxfordshire base only. 

Please visit the Alpine website for the full specification of this outstanding head unit. 

Range Rover Classic Audio Speaker Installations

We recommend JL Audio component speakers for our Range Rover Classic audio system upgrades. 

We have worked closely with JL Audio to produce a custom system which is tuned to the cabin dynamics to deliver superb sound and build quality to bring out the best in head unit and amplification upgrades.

RRC Audio Upgrades – Sound dampening

As well as adding calm to your Range Rover cabin sound dampening (or deadening) is a crucial part of any audio system upgrade. 

Without sound-dampening, panels reverberate reducing the effectiveness and clarity of speakers. All our fully restored vehicles have a comprehensive sound dampening programme incorporated into the build. Our retrofit audio system upgrades also include an extensive package of sound deadening to ensure the best possible sound quality. 

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