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Range Rover Classic Electric Seat ECU

Remanufactured seat ECU’s with fully operation memory and mirror memory with a 6-month guarantee.

Mirrors moving when you try to adjust your driver’s seat electrically?

Do you have a limited operation of your electric seats?

Non-adjustable seats is an MOT failure!

Most of the time this is due to the memory seat ECU which is fitted under the driver’s seat failing. There is a battery in the ECU which retains the memory position of the driver’s seat and also the position of the mirrors.

When the battery which is fitted onto the printed circuit board (PCB) fails it leaks battery acid damaging the PCB and corrupting the signals from the switch. 

Kingsley remanufacture 1991 -1995 electric seat ECU’s. Unlike cheaper fixes’ the Kingsley seat ECU’s retains full memory function.

We can also supply electric seat switches.

Seat ECU — £495 (+VAT @ 20%for UK & EU only). Core exchange £180
6 Month warranty.

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