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Range Rover Classic Kingsley Exhaust System

As restorers, we have attempted to fit almost all of the aftermarket stainless exhaust systems available to restored cars and have always been disappointed so it was only a natural progression that we would eventually build our own fully stainless system.

The Last Exhaust Your Range Rover will Ever Need!

Our welder/​fabricator was previously employed to build the exhausts for an F1 team, so he constructs beautifully made systems made entirely from stainless steel in the same style and producing a similar soundtrack to the original 80’s Overfinch twin tailpipe systems.

They are constructed from the best quality marine grade 316 stainless steel which resists staining and corrosion, unlike cheaper stainless steel. Our system is 100% stainless including all of the flanges, which are often mild steel even on most well known​‘stainless’ exhaust systems. It’s super discreet with two down-bent outlets being barely visible, as this is a bespoke system we can quieten it or make it more sonorous. Come and have a look and listen to our demonstrator to see and hear the difference.

Kingsley stainless steel fast road exhaust systems with tubular manifolds are priced as follows:

Supply Onlywith catalytic converters £3,495
Supply Onlywithout catalytic converters £2,995
Supply & Installedwith catalytic converters £3,995
Supply & Installedwithout catalytic converters £3,495
LSE ExtensionAdditional £200

Prices exclude VAT.


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