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Range Rover Classic Upgraded Interior Trim

We trim and manufacture every type of Range Rover interior and seats from the earliest Suffix A to the 1995 25th Anniversary. Please see in the RESTORATION SECTION for the original style interiors we can supply.

Trimming — Mail Order or Re-trimmed

Kingsley Cars can supply interiors for your Range Rover in any material you desire from Palomino PVC, Herringbone Nylon, Teddy bear fabric, Alcantara, Nappa and Dakota leather with various trim detail inc. double stitch quilted or Bentley Brooklands style. Please see in the RESTORATION SECTION for the original style interiors we can supply.

We can add detail in Alcantara or even Tartans, can provide custom wood veneering in various finishes as well as high-quality carpeting and trimming of other interior parts.

We are able to supply seat covers and fully trimmed rooflinings on a new fiberglass board by mail order to you. 

Dakota textured leather seat cover setfrom £3950*
Nappa smooth leather seat cover setfrom £4950*
Herringbone Nylon seat cover setfrom £4450*
Palomino PVC seat cover setfrom £2250*
Headlining in the original materialfrom £695
Headlining in the original material on new board**from £845
Headlinings in Palomino PVC***from £845
Headlining in Alcantara**from £1575

Prices exclude VAT.
*Direct replacement, Supply only mail order, postage not included.
**On a replacement one-piece fiberglass board.
***On a replacement two-piece fiberglass board (please specify one or two courtesy lights).
We would recommend all seat covers are professionally fitted.

Bespoke Tartans and Plaids

We often add tartan or plaid details to the seats, door cards, gearshift & handbrake gaiters as well as the roof linings for that extra special personalisation. 

All of the tartans we use are tested suitable for use within a vehicle and have been rub tested to a minimum of 40,000 times.

Bespoke Headlinings

We can produce head-linings in Alcantara, plain leather, detail quilted leather or even with detail tartan inserts.

Sunvisors can be retrimmed in leather or Alcantara with detail pockets or stitch detail. 

Replacement Seatbelt Webbing in 28 Colours

One of the items often overlooked during a restoration is the seat belts. Seat belts tend to be the dirtiest things within the passenger cabin due to the amount they are handled and their proximity to the body. 

We are able to replace the webbing in 28 colours in accordance with the original standard. 

Bespoke Leather

Kingsley can trim in leather and cover any element of a Range Rover interior as well as the seats.

We are versed in trimming each element of the dashboard, the door cards (often punching’ speaker holes), the seat base covers, the A’ post covers, door entry sill covers, grab handles, parcel trays and tray supports, sub-woofers — literally the only limit is your imagination. 

Bespoke Wood Veneers & Finishes

We have learnt from experience that not all wood veneering is the same, initially, they all look generally good but the interior of a car is quite a harsh environment with temperature variances of 45 degrees in the UK and often more than 100 degrees elsewhere, so they often crack or break down over a period.

We, therefore, partner with the acknowledged best in the industry and together we produce wood which is book matched and literally stunning! As well as all of the standard Burr Walnut finishes we can veneer in any wood, in any colour or even Piano black and gunstock finishes.

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