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Range Rover Classic Suspension

In conjunction with one of America’s leading shock absorber manufacturers, we have developed custom-built high-performance dampers to suit Range Rover Classic’s with custom lowered springs and uprated anti-roll bars. For those who require a more adaptable set up, we also offer a fully electronically controlled damping system which has been developed with a leading manufacture in the field, TracTive Suspension.

Fast Road Handling Pack

With the resurgence of interest in Range Rover Classics leading to the subsequent increase in value, most restored RRC’s are being enjoyed primarily on road.

With this in mind, we have been developing, in conjunction with one of America’s leading shock absorber manufacturers, custom-built high-performance dampers to suit RRC’s with our custom lowered springs and uprated anti-roll bars. Our Fast Road handling pack includes:

  • 4 x high-performance custom calibrated dampers (fully serviceable) with rubber mounting kit
  • 4 x lowered spring set with new front and rear isolator mounts
  • 1 x Uprated rear anti-roll bar
  • 1 x Uprated front anti-roll bar
  • 2 x Rear anti roll bar links and bushes 
  • 2 x Front anti roll bar links and bushes
  • 4ARB mount bushes (front and rear) 
  • 4 x Trailing arm bushes (front and rear)
  • 8 x Radius arm bushes (front and rear)
  • 2 x A frame bushes & ball joint
  • 2 x Panhard bushes
  • All required bolts and nylock nuts

Total Kit £3,995+VAT


The combined results when these components are installed are outstanding, offering compliance and comfort at low speeds whilst being firm and controlled at high speeds — the most control you will have ever experienced in any Range Rover Classic — call us today to experience the difference by driving our demonstrator.

We can also install our fast road kit at our Oxfordshire base, perhaps whilst you take a break in the Cotswolds or Oxford in one of our Range Rover loan cars or we can arrange collection and delivery from your home — please call for a transport quote.

Kingsley x TracTive Active Damping Suspension

TracTive Stand-alone electronically-adjustable shocks have been developed to implement high-tech semi-active suspension in any car. The dampers are fitted with the TracTive patented DDA (Dynamic Damping Adjustment) valve. With its reaction time of 6 to 10 milliseconds from full soft to full hard, it is one of the fastest damping adjustments in the market. It demonstrates a tremendous stability and reproducibility, and is rapidly becoming THE technology chosen by high-end OE and racing teams. For every application the damping level and damping adjustment range is set-up from factory.

During installation we can tune the suspension to almost any application by controlling roll, pitch and dive motions of the vehicle. The motion of the vehicle is monitored by a g‑sensor integrated in the control unit, which is installed close to the center of gravity of the vehicle. 

The kit includes a remote knob that can be centrally mounted for easy access with 5 pre-set settings for ultimate usability. Each kit is engineered for optimal performance and durability. 

This electronic suspension kit is valved specifically for optimal use with a Range Rover Classic, with focus on sufficient comfort for road use while maintaining performance, durability and drivability. This kit is available exclusively through Kingsley Re-Engineered.

Total kit price — £8,950 +VAT

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