Range Rover Welding

Range Rover Welding Kingsley have a specialist in-house welding and metal workshop to restore both the inner steel shell of Range Rovers and make TIG repairs on the outer alloy panels - all to the highest possible standard headed by our 'Wizard of Rust' Stevie.

The team start by identifying all of the areas of corrosion on your car (which is normally very easy by checking to see if the carpet is wet if it has been raining recently!).  We then remove and store the carpets, the under carpet sound deadening, the seats, the battery and the outer alloy panels as required.

You can check for yourself quickly the amount of corrosion a Range Rover Classic generally has by removing the two screws which hold the front indicator in place, removing the indicator and looking at the panel behind - if there is corrosion / holes in this panel then there will be corrosion on other places on the inner shell.  

Once all of the corrosion has been identified and marked in yellow and the corrosion is cut out in sectional panels.  We fabricate replacement sections/panels in the relevant correct gauge steel, which we butt weld (we never patch weld).  Once welded we fully dress the weld (so that it is flat and cannot be seen), seam seal and then prime in acid etch ready for final paint in the chosen finish.  

We are constantly restoring around 15 Range Rovers and have twenty reborn each year, if you are able to visit we can show you the before, during and after - the end results are quite simply outstanding!