Range Rover Inspections

If you have found a Range Rover Classic via a private advert or from a non-specialist dealer and you would like a professional unbiased opinion or want to purchase with your 'eyes wide open', then Kingsley Cars can provide an inspection of the vehicle for you. We will travel to almost any location and charge according to the distance from the workshop (postcode OX29 4EF) or you can bring the vehicle to us by appointment.

For distances over 100 miles, we will quote you a figure based upon the amount of driving time. Please contact Damon or Mark by email or telephone for a quotation.

Damon will carry out a full independent inspection, valuation, test drive (fully insured) and will produce a written report giving you his unbiased opinion of the car you are looking to buy. With every car that we inspect we will also perform a HPI check which checks to see if it has been recorded as a total loss (stolen or written off) or has any outstanding liens.

The inspection usually takes around 1.5 hours and involves raising the vehicle, so that the vehicle is high enough to fully access and examine the underside. Damon will also carry out a visual inspection of the vehicle but without removing anything. The main areas that are inspected are:

We will also inspect the vehicle’s paperwork, checking service history and making an assessment of the cars authenticity and market value.

Our inspection differs to the sort performed by the AA or RAC as we ONLY restore Range Rover Classics and understand their faults intimately.

Range Rover InspectionsRange Rover Inspections





Disclaimer: Kingsley Cars Ltd cannot guarantee that the vehicle will be free of mechanical faults that develop after an inspection due to the fact that the inspection does not involve the stripping down of any mechanical components to inspect internal wear nor to the corrosion levels of the hidden or internal areas of the steel shell.